uh, hi
Monday — April 14th, 2014

uh, hi

to however many of you are left,

somewhere in nevada was fun as hell. i had a great time working on it, all the way up until the time i stopped doing that. the unfortunate truth is that, considering my current career situation(s) and general outlook on life, all planning for SiN have ended up pretty much dead in the water. it’s not that i don’t want to keep making these, but for the past year this project has been stuck in a creative loop and i just don’t know if i can continue in a way that is satisfying to me artistically. yeah, that’s a bunch of pretentious nonsense, but it’s also 100% true.

so anyway, i’m not shitcanning the project forever. lord knows SiN has been shuttered for far longer in the past; maybe one day in the future, i’ll pick this thing back up, dust it off, and kiss it gently on the cheek. until then, why not check out my new (old) project?


back, from outer space

May 13th, 2013

hello again, readers! it turns out, surprisingly enough, that working for a wage for some reason leaves one with slightly less free time than usual. fortunately, after a little over a year of being an actual functional human, i’ve finally learned how to actually budget time for frivolities such as this little ol’ comic. ‘course, a new tablet laptop i can draw is quite nice too. on that note, have six more totally redone pages from issue one!

aaaand we're back


April 20th, 2012

okay seriously, i feel bad for having to constantly apologize for missing comics which makes me just want to apologize even more for missing comics oh my god what is wrong with me

anyway, it’s been kind of a crazy month! got sick and then got better, finally found a job, kind of quit another not-really-a-job, and also working on some kind of secret-ish project, all of which combined has led to a period of NO COMICS WHATSOEVER. as mentioned previously, i feel super bad about this! i can no longer make any guarantees of any kind, but hopefully something will resume on this very website soon.

again, sorry! oh god i’m doing it again

down with the sickness

March 6th, 2012

sorry, friends, but it looks like this week is going to have to be comicless! i feel terrible about this, both because i’m letting you down and also because my lungs feel like they’re rotting out from the inside. hopefully i’ll be lucid enough for comicry starting next week.

more revisionist history

February 25th, 2012

just in case you thought i abandoned my flight of fancy in renovating old comics, here come four more redone pages, for your viewing pleasure!


February 21st, 2012

somewhere in nevada is switching to a monday-wednesday-friday update schedule until further notice. this may or may not be a permanent change, but current circumstances have forced me to decide between this and our current situation of leaving my readers twisting in the wind. thanks for your understanding!