the barricades of heaven
October 3rd, 2008

the barricades of heaven

so that’s what he was saying at the beginning! 3, you crafty devil.

anyway, that’s it for issue one. the song was The Barricades of Heaven by the inimitable Jackson Browne, from his album Looking East. you can listen to the track on the SiN radio now. if you want to read from the beginning, click here!

also, congrats to a one Michael Bowman from Texas for winning the title contest! when the issue goes to print, you’ll receive a free copy that has been scribbled on by yours truly. everyone else is free to guess what song the title of issue 2 comes from, though it doesn’t actually show up until next week. stay tuned faithful readers!

this is one of those pages that is once again ruined by bad composition and strange posing. still, if this whole thing had come out on schedule, i think it would’ve been a pretty solid comic. as it stands, for my first real foray into the strange and terrible world of webcomics, i still quite enjoy this as a neat little intro. the next issue, on the other hand, was admittedly pretty weaksauce, but at that point i had begun my irreversible slide into the black abyss of crippling depression, so ehhhhhhhhhh.

anyway, that wraps up the ongoing art renovations for issue 1! stay tuned for a rework of issue 2, which hopefully will bring actual improvement to a very slipshod story.

here is the old comic.

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