Straight Into the Night
July 30th, 2008

Straight Into the Night

For the very very few of you who are actually reading this, I’ve got a contest I want to try out, just for you! It’s like Christmas in July except instead of everyone getting presents, only one person gets a present for knowing a bit of trivia about folk music. That’s a hint, by the way.

Each issue of Somewhere in Nevada has a title that is divined from a lyric in a certain piece of music that is somehow related to the plot at hand. Sometimes it will be obvious, other times, not so much, but the piece of music and the lyric the title has been plucked from will be revealed at the concluding page for each issue. You can also listen to the track at this point on the SiN Radio.

So, the contest goes like this: the first person to mail me the correct name and artist of the song that issue’s title is derived from will win a special prize consisting of a signed paper copy of that issue, free of charge! (After it’s been completed and printed, of course.) The contest begins at the start of each issue (though eager participants might want to wait until the title page), and ends immediately after the concluding page is posted. Easy enough, right?

Since I have pretty much zero readership at this point, this is only really me testing the waters and also having some fun with the people who somehow blindly groped their way into this site. Entries can be sent to!

Good luck and thanks for reading!

more updated art! also, so much for the whole “contest” concept. welp.

here is the old comic.

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