72 hours earlier
July 31st, 2008

72 hours earlier

Astute readers will notice that we are now in the past, at least relative to the timeframe of the last two pages! This is because, as will become increasingly evident, Somewhere in Nevada is a story that is mostly about time travel! 

There are actually a lot of things Somewhere in Nevada is about, but you’ll get to discover each and every hidden and obvious meaning and facet of this story for yourself, as long as you keep reading!

more updated art! one of the biggest problems that i still have is overcluttered backgrounds. it’s easier when the characters are in a desert or in space, less so when they’re in middle suburbia. most of my attempts to update the art here are for the purpose of separating the foreground from the background, something that this new page mildly succeeds at.

here is the old comic.

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